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Anna Chastain
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Anna Chastain

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Anna Chastain's Bio:

Anna is a southern belle born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She started her job here at Precision Door Service in March of 2016. Anna and her husband are happily married with their two doggie babies in Bartlett. She enjoys helping with the children’s ministry at her local church. Every Sunday they get to have ukulele hymn time. During Anna's free time she loves to travel with her husband, playing piano, cosplaying and playing video games. Since she was a little girl she has always loved dressing up so it was a game changer learning about cosplaying. Once a year Anna and her husband, Andrew go to the local comic convention and even sometimes throw their own murder mystery parties. She loves how Precision Doors can bring people with many different back grounds, throw them together and make a family. The whole company is so personable to everyone especially our customers, it really gives it that homey local feel.